Sustainable Products

We specialize in creating products using recycled materials as a foundation. Our primary focus is to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact by maximizing the use of available resources

Some of our products

Promotionals Eco-friendly products

We offer a range of environmentally friendly promotional products, each crafted with materials that contribute to environmental improvement. Our product lineup includes pencils, briefcases, notebooks, calendars, suitcases, wallets, lunch boxes, sports bags, and handbags

Custom-made products with plastic wood

Eco-friendly wood is an excellent and innovative alternative to traditional wood because one of its main characteristics is that it is composed of 100% high-quality recycled plastic

Custom-made products with recycle plastic

The plastic products are processed into high-quality materials, mainly Polystyrenes, Polypropylene, Polyethylenes (High, Medium, and Low Density), PET G, Acrylic, ABS. We have material in inventory in various gauges and colors.

Did you know that we are a BIC company?

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