Trade Marketing

Trade marketing is essential for retail success, requiring attention to changes and technology. Controlling buying behavior involves using CRM and data analysis to segment and personalize offers. Optimizing planograms and managing categories based on key metrics maximizes performance. Collaboration with suppliers and constant adjustments based on indicators ensure effective results. Experimentation and continuous learning are key to adapting and thriving in the market.


What is Trade Marketing?

Trade Marketing is a strategy focused on the strategic display of products in sales channels, especially in distribution centers. Thus, the target audience can properly see the products offered on shelves, shelves, and in various sections

You have asked yourself these questions...

Have you asked yourself these questions…

  • Are we reaching our maximum potential in terms of intelligence and productivity?
  • Are my points of sale being visited and attended to according to the ideal standards I have set?
  • What is my competition’s position in the market, and what strategies are they implementing?
  • Does my sales force or field team have the necessary information to effectively perform their job and gather the data I require?
  • What are the main challenges facing my sales force?
  • What if we could create valuable indicators during each visit to measure performance?
We show you some of our work

An analysis was carried out for the spaces within the large shopping center areas where Rimax had a presence, with the purpose of determining the optimal placement of the required elements. Based on the distribution and layout of the surroundings, proposals were developed to meet consumer demands and fulfill specific functionalities

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